BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China by S. Lichtenberg

Photo BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China   by S. Lichtenberg

Having a good purpose for existing is an important attribute for an organisation, not just seeking to turn a profit. In '95, simon lichtenberg (blogspot) launched his own organisation named the Trayton Group. His organisation hires 2,000 staff members and anticipates a revenue of $150,000,000 per annum. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Simon Lichtenberg's company also possesses other factories operating in Zhejiang Jishan.

Simon Lichtenberg - His Amazing Qualities

As a result of the superb help that Simon Lichtenberg has given Shanghai in increasing the standards of living, he was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award. Simon Lichtenberg went to CEIBS, Harvard Business School and Tsinghua – a trio of very well-known academic establishments. Entrepreneurs that make use of their individual abilities and work hard are entitled to harvest the fruits of their labour.

Currently among the world's top rated businessmen, Simon Lichtenberg has managed to obtain significant educational results. Almost all successful entrepreneurs are high flyers educationally; this shows that a solid educational background, alongside strength of character, is imperative for realising one's goals. At CEIBS, Tsinghua and Harvard Business School, Simon Lichtenberg finished his EMBA - or Executive MBA (the Senior Executive Program for China) in the year 2006.

Some of the Achievements of Simon Lichtenberg

The Chinese Fudan University, situated in Shanghai, is where Simon Lichtenberg was awarded his diploma in Chinese language in 1988. Knowing a number of languages gives Simon Lichtenberg a huge advantage in his international negotiations. Many unforgettable moments for businessmen going over their past are ones during which they have achieved great things.

The Business of Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg’s business went global as he obtained clients (such as IKEA) from around the world, resulting in yearly profits of up to $2.5 million. More businessmen are making a name for themselves all over the world. In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg, a business owner who hails from Denmark, set up his own company, having been in the timber business for some time.